We are committed to providing our clients with highest quality and value of products and services.

Core Values

We take pride in our core values that form the basic foundation of our business and are the main components of our corporate culture. They serve as the fundamental beliefs that we can turn to when making decisions. These values have a long tradition of Al Munajem family and business, and are a part of our organization, our products, our services and our way of working together as well as with others. Our goal is to maintain a leading position in these areas continuously.

Thriving for innovation

Our Vision

To be the primary chosen provider of food and catering solutions in the kingdom with the highest quality standards and diversified products, through continuous improvement and best utilization of our resources and capabilities while maintaining our commitments to our clients and maximizing the interests of our shareholders.

Our Mission

  • A Commitment to high standards of Quality, Safety and Hygiene, while ensuring efficiency, consistency and best performance;
  • Continuous improvement of our work processes and capabilities to include our workforce;
  • A positive display of a valuable role towards the society.


We are committed to providing our clients with highest quality and value of products and services.


Our professional duty is represented through our commitment and consistency in meeting our obligations to provide effective products and services to our clients, to serve our profession, and to positively influence the community.

Our Operating Principles

Honesty & Culture
We highly value honesty, trust, and mutual respect in our interactions with each other and those we serve.

Products & Services We strive to be always innovative in developing new products and services

Our Experience

We develop through our past challenges which have provided us with valuable experience to become a leading organization proud of its achievements and people.


We are responsible for advancing Gulf Catering Company positive goals and aspirations, in being aware and careful of the decisions we make, in accepting accountability for our actions that impact everyone around us, in working through difficulty and in making sure we are always reliable where others can depend on us in everything we do.


We are committed to common goals while showing concern and support for each other, listening to and respecting each We believe every team member has strengths which we value and will use whenever possible and we will not hesitate to request or offer help when needed.