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Food Services

Food Services Gulf Catering Company provides catering services to both government and private sectors across the Kingdom.  The company performs full operational services for customer’s central kitchens and provides...

Facility Services

Facility Services Gulf Catering Company has the capacity to set up dining facilities with all the required service support units, starting with the landscaping and infrastructural phase up to...

Human Resources

Human Resources The staff of the Gulf Catering Company consists of approximately  10,000  well-trained qualified staff  from 16 different nationalities, with 30% rate of Saudization. The staff  team  includes...

Ready Meals

Ready Meals Gulf Catering Company as a leading company in the field of Food Catering Services in the kingdom, offers the best solutions to reduce the costs of service...

Hajj and Umra Services

Hajj and Umra Services Gulf Catering Company has extensive experience in implementation of food supply and catering projects for the Government sectors during the annual Hajj seasons, working with...

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At GCC we are committed to providing highest quality standards and service to our customers throughout the Kingdom. Our quality control department applies strict controls and monitoring procedures while continuously monitoring the technical parameters of raw materials, and by selecting the highest quality materials and performing due diligence assessment procedures throughout the entire food processing chain. Our Quality Management Systems and Food Safety Management guarantee food safety and compliance with quality standards and create value for all our customer. GCC’s internal food safety management System is audited and verified by independent certification bodies to prove compliance to internal standards, ISO norms and Saudi laws as defined and governed by Saudi Food Drugs Agency (SFDA).

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